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Scholarship Advising Services

1. Academic Planning

“Where do I want to go?”

Deciding on Your College Lists, Majors, Minors, Courses, Professors, and Extracurriculars

4. Personal Planning

“When am I executing my plan?”

Monthly and Yearly Organizers, Homework and Scholarship Due Date Tracker, and Budget Forecaster

2. Application Fulfillment

“How am I going to get there?”

Admissions Philosophy, Strategy, Secret Writing Algorithms, Resumes, Recommendations, and Interviews

5. Performance

“How can I increase my productivity?”

Application Efficiency Guide, Decision Formulas, Exceeding Standards, GPA Tracker, and Study Tips

3. Examples and Modeling

“Which "Avatar" has done it before?”

Full-Ride Scholarship Resume, Essay, and Recommendation that won 83% of Awards, and Goal Setting 

6. Health

“What can I do to stay healthy?”

Health = Success Playbook, Avoid the Freshman 15 Nutrition Guide, and Housing for Quality Sleep

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